Geographic areas



  1. Hilly area north of large swamp. Lots of glens with a mix of marshlands and steppes
  2. I think you already have a name for this swamp that gives way to the sea
  3. A small mountain range that runs north south with forests on it’s eastern faces and rocky terrain on it’s west as it turns to swamp
  4. Northern Tundra, Quental is in this region. It’s elevation makes for fairly steep drop offs or cliffs along the sea.
  5. Higher Altitude valley between the Frost Peaks and the Skyteeth Mountains evergreen forests and lakes and rivers.
  6. This area maybe should be broken up more as we discover more things. Seems like a main road between Intercity and Stromport would pass through here. Lots of forests too.
  7. The eastern coastline. Terminates around that little peninsula to the east of the Skyteeth.
  8. A lone mountain, there is another smaller one southwest of Stromport but I don’t know if that needs a name.
  9. Big grassland. Home of Ghazan’s tribal-mongolians. Probably also the largest grain farmer area too.
  10. You probably already have a name for this desert that is surrounded by hills on all sides. Ratan is here. I also left a little hilly-oasis just north of Ratan. Thought it would be cool forgot to number it though.
  11. Small mountain range, think green mountains in terms of size. Runs down the south eastern coast. Similar to the coastline of the Burren in Ireland, maybe lots of cliffs?
  12. South Western coast. Starting to get tropical-esque.
  13. South Eastern coast. Hilly but in the lower elevations pretty much the same as #12 maybe they should be combined?

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